Flamingo(S) Pink and blogger(S) are going to PhoCusWright conference ;-)

This year PhoCusWright conference in Orlando in November make a smart move.

As the leading Travel & etourism conference in the space, they invite some fellow bloggers from the T-List Book as "Official Press" to cover the event.

I have been invited by Stephen Joyce (T-List Book publisher and blogger and manager of Rezgo) to this great event.

Unfortunatly, I can handle that this year....but...but...guys, I will be there next year as a blogger and more...

PhoCusWright conference is also a great networking and business opportunity !

Here the pitch for the first ever travel industry blogger summit and blogger workshop:

Presented by The Tips From the T-List Book

Join the innovators of the groundbreaking book The Tips From The T-List, the first-ever travel industry publication derived exclusively from the travel blogging community. This workshop will show how an active, content-producing network of bloggers can have a growing influence on your customers' online spending habits. This workshop will give valuable tools to DMOs, OTAs, and other travel and tourism companies that are looking to engage the blogging community and help focus user-generated content for their benefit. New innovations in blogging will be covered as well as a number of user-generated content trends. There will be an expert panel of travel marketers and technologists who are all co-authors of the Tips From The T-List book. All attendees will receive a signed copy of the Tips From the T-List book.

I will give you some "fresh news" about this conference thanks the T-List Bloggers ;-)

5 Dec 2014